With this suite of eighteen prints I am interested in the
slippage of perception around a classification system of
‘nature’ that deals with inclusion and exclusion as well
as examining and reframing an archival system. For this
work, I scanned in line art illustrations from a compendi-
um of Weeds of the World, digitally changing them into bit-
mapped high resolution line art. I set up a document for
each print —printing the images repeatedly— shifting the
image frame each time and printing approximately twenty
to thirty times. With this process I cultivated a series of
marks that yields a network of fleeting lines. The coerced
slip in the printer functions as a fissure—a willful repetition
in the mechanical process of mark making. With this work
I am attempting to provoke thoughts around a system
out of control—both with the characteristic nature of a
weed’s inherent quality, but also questioning the labyrinth
of archived material, in this case the nomenclature of
‘nature.’ With this stutter like quality of the final images, I
am interested in provoking how the production of meaning
is shaped and questioned by repetition, transformation,
interruption and error.

1. Polygonum erectum
2. Anaphalis margaritacea
3. Barbarea
4. Taraxacum officinale
5. Portulaca
6. Conium
7. Atriplex Patular

Invasive Suite Detail

Series, 1_18
Edition 3
12” x 18”/ Van Gelder paper